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Because of the War – Aziz Dixon

We are delighted to help celebrate the launch of the second three trees edition from Maytree Press with the stunning debut from Aziz Dixon.

In this heartbreaking collection, the poet explores the fragility of peace from post war Britain to the war ravaged streets of Srebrenica.

A remarkable debut by a poet who I’m sure we will hear a lot more from in years to come.

Because of the War is available direct from Aziz or on-line from the Maytree Shop.


Because of the war

On holiday none of them liked us.
I was seven when I found out.
When we open our mouths
they hear screams,
my father said,
because of the war.

Now I know what they did,
my people to yours. You reach
across the toast crumbs,
catch my eye.
We share today, you say,
because of the war.


Safe inside

He was violent, drunk;
he taught you not to fight
and not to shout, but then you went,
were sent to war, you
and your brothers too. Your daughter learned
how not to fight, how not to shout.
She married one who could be
foul of mood,
rampaging when in pain.

Your DNA came down to me,
but I’ve been searching all these years
to make it stop, this generational curse,
to find if mint will grow in a pot,
will season life, although constrained.