Green Fields – The Guest List

Firstly we’d like to say a huge thank you to every one who took the time to send your festival themed poems. If there was ever a time for poems of love, light, peace, music and dancing then that time is now. Sadly some tough editorial decisions had to be made and with this in mind if you haven’t heard back from us then we’re sorry but your poem didn’t make the final cut.

Look out for more news coming very soon of how you can still be part of our fantastic launch event on the 28 March and, of course, it wouldn’t be Maytree without a wonderful cover reveal.

Here’s the list of featured festival goers:

Mark Mayes
Alison Lock
Stephanie Bowgett
Gaia Holmes
Tom Weir
Maria Isakova Bennett
Ian Humphreys
Martin Malone
Daniel Bennett
Jonathan Humble
Siobhan Mac Mahon
Jo Haslam
Oz Hardwick
Hannah Stone
Joe Williams
Rachel Burns
Anne Steward
Mike Farren
Zoe Siobhan Howarth-Lowe
Anoushka Havinden
Clint Wastling
Amanda Huggins
Penny Sharman
Barry Fentiman-Hall
Marcelle Newbold
Sarah Dixon
Linda Goulden
Seth Crook
Cora Greenhill
Paul Waring
Tracy Dawson
Ed Reiss

We look forward to sharing more news very soon.

All the best,

Nick and David.

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