Nigel King

Originally posted in November 2020, today we celebrate National Poetry Day with our all time greatest hit – a poem that went viral across America proving how important Webzines are for both emerging and established writers. Congratulations to Nigel King.

The Poetry Village

The Good Friday Sheep

The nave echoed with bleating.
Sheep crammed into pews;
shaggy Wensleydales, tidy Suffolks,
Blue Texels, Portlands, Border Leicesters.

The air was thick with lanolin
and fresh droppings.
Ryeland wethers nibbled on the hassocks,
a Herdwick Ram scrambled up
to drink from the font.

The sheep looked around
in semi-darkness, saw statues
of bearded elders clutching crooks,
a mural of a younger man
cradling a lamb.

They spotted more lambs,
carved on pillars, headstones,
painted high in the sky
above the multitude, radiant as the sun.

This was their place, built in their honour,
kept from them for centuries
until this day, when they found
the paths and precincts empty,
the great doors swung open.

Neither man nor dog
can take it from them now.

Nigel King lives in Almondbury, Huddersfield. His poetry is shaped by family memories, myth, history and science fiction (amongst other things). His…

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  1. I remember this poem from last year. I absolutely loved it, and when I shared it with the poetry groups I’m involved with, they all loved it too. I’m not surprised it swept across America and is your all time favourite hit! Congratulations, Nigel!


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