Poem, Poetry

Clint Wastling

Hydrogen Bonds

If you write in water
hydrogen bonds are disturbed,
ripples shy away from your intention.
These intermolecular forces form, break,
reform, diverting molecules.

Such electrostatic forces cause cohesion—
forming spheres of water dripping into the
bowl of fontana della Barcaccia.
Some molecules are those you heard
as you lay in bed.

Water is endlessly recycled,
Earth history preserved in every drop.
Today flowing over my fingers
specular under Roman sun
plinking in memory of that leaking boat.

Water from your body
could have become part of this fountain
below 26 Piazza di Spagna.
Here you worried your poetry might fade,
evaporate like water in unrelenting heat.

Clint Wastling’s  poetry has been published in  192 Magazine, Orbis, Spelt and Consilience amongst other literary journals. Clint has a collection of poetry called Layers published by Maytree Press. His novel, The Geology of Desire, is a thriller set around Whitby in the 1980’s and Hull during World War II. A second novel, Tyrants Rex is a fantasy, also published by Stairwell Books. Clint performs at literature festivals and gives workshops on poetry and geology.