Poem, Poetry

Susie Gharib


of the twigs on which my words had perched,
of the rays that rippled across my head,
of my homestead,
of the moat that safeguarded my thought-spun webs,
of all that’s well-meant,
of the dreams that domed my temple-bed,
of the departed who had always been West-bent,
of every beloved,
of the tide that flowed but never ebbed,
of the heart that had been love-struck and cleft,
of blessed bread.

Susie Gharib is a Syrian lecturer and a graduate of Strathclyde University with a Ph.D. on the work of D.H. Lawrence. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in 48 magazines and journals such as the
Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Adelaide, Scars Publications, Mad Swirl, The Ink Pantry, Impspired Mgazine, The Opiate.