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Rod Whitworth

The Petrified City
After Max Ernst

People lived here,
and danced in the moonlight.
Then the street-purifiers came
and purified the streets.
Then the house-cleansers came
and cleansed the houses.
Eugenic hygienics was the rhythm:
marching not dancing.
But dirt will out.
Grass split the stone.
People danced again,
together again,
those that were left.

Rod has had work published in The North, Magma, Poetry Salzburg Review, The Cannon’s Mouth, The Journal, Poetry Business website and some anthologies. He has had some limited success in competitions. He lives in the Garden City (aka Oldham) and is still tyrannised by commas.

2 thoughts on “Rod Whitworth”

  1. Rod Whitworth – this poem stands out for me . I like the repetition of words at the beginning of the poem. The economy of words emphasises the bleakness of the piece. I also have an aversion to commas but also punctuation. Well done. Jennifer.


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