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Chris Hardy

Catch the Driver’s Eye

A few francs in my pocket,
enough for a baguette,
brie and beer,
before walking to the A63,
Bayonne to Paris.

Ride north all night
through Gascony.
Dark fields, sudden lit
squares and then
a cold dawn boulevard.

Outside the Gare du Nord
check the ticket
bought four months before,
pick up my rucksack
and guitar,

whisper au revoir
to the long roads of France,
take the train to where
the grey sea shuts its door
behind me.

Catch The Driver’s Eye – the title is taken from ‘National Seven’, a song by John Renbourne, about hitching in France in the 60’s.

Chris Hardy’s poems have been widely published. He is also a musician, in LiTTLe MACHiNe, performing their settings of well known poems. Chris’s collection ‘Sunshine at the End of the World’ was published by Indigo Dreams. He is hoping to publish a new collection in 2021.

3 thoughts on “Chris Hardy”

  1. I love this poem and it feels so apposite in our current circumstances – the grey sea shutting its door behind me. Oh the freedom of the journey.


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