Reflections – 2 poems

Today we celebrate the official release of Reflections: A Poet-Theologian in Lockdown Leeds by Hannah Stone.

In Spring 2020, as England entered the first lockdown, Hannah Stone was appointed Poet-Theologian at Leeds Church Institute. Hannah’s brief was to comment on the impact of lockdown on the communities of Leeds, using poetry as a medium for reflection. Reflections: A Poet-Theologian in Lockdown Leeds is a collection of those stories and poems written during the most extraordinary year that we could ever have imagined.

Hannah will be reading from the collection at 1pm on the 5 March as part of the Leeds Literature Festival. The on-line event is free but booking is essential – details here: Reflections: A poet-theologian in Lockdown Leeds with Hannah Stone (leedslitfest.co.uk)

Dwell Time

Time has not stopped.
Sixty minutes still pace each hour;
as many seconds run to catch up.
It is time to dust off the diary,
to let it fall open at the space called ‘today,’
a place between yesterday and tomorrow.
A passage in which to live.

Local lockdown

We build on sand, using the usual slabs of stone 
quarried from mud   prised from moorland

it is hard to have so flimsy a foundation
but this is the new normal

we need hay barns we decide
in the absence of better information

for some days we argue
about which design features to include

some of us give up   go home
unable to compromise   face conflict

others work through the night
bruising fingers stubbed in the deep dark

treasuring the faint light of iPhone torches  
pulling strongly on haptic instinct

in the morning there it is
the perfect repository for summer’s residue

with watershot stones below the slate roof
to deflect the winter’s rain

and trufts, binding together
the inner and outer skins of the walls,

their sharp shelves warm themselves
in surprised sunlight.

Limited numbers of the book are available from the Maytree online store here: Reflections: A Poet-Theologian in Lockdown Leeds | Maytree Press (bigcartel.com)

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