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Nancy Hewitt

And Still the Daffodils Bloom

The empty streets like hollow caves call out in silent despair.
The unseen crown rolls into the alleyways, looking for helpless prey.
Fear finds feet and runs alongside fanning suspicion and deceit.
A sparrow pulls strips of straw and tucks them into her nest.
And still the daffodils bloom.

Shutters close tight against the dawn of reality.
And leaders lie their terrible lies hurting the innocent.
The battlefield shifts from city to burg.
Crickets tune up to sing their evening love songs.
And still the daffodils bloom.

Parents hold their daughters’ hands and tell them this too shall pass.
They wave goodbye to grandma through the quarantined glass.
A shattered world holds its breath while loved ones struggle to breathe.
A brazen coyote bravely stands alone where humans used to be.
And still the daffodils bloom.

The skies seem bluer now, few cars to belch their fumes.
Armed neighbours buy more ammo to protect their growing cache.
We are all in this together, yet we paddle separate boats.
Spotted fawns feed with mother does on green grass of early spring.
And still the daffodils bloom.

Nancy Hewitt began writing poetry in elementary school and her first poems were published in her high school literary magazine. Nancy grew up close to nature, the daughter of a National Park Service Ranger. Her first career was as an archaeologist with specialties in American Southwest archaeology and Polynesian archaeology. She later worked as a technical writer, winning a Business Insurance award for a series of brochures. For many years she did accounting for small businesses in Park City, Utah. One of her poems was published in the Park City Magazine. Currently, she works as the Executive Assistant to the Head of School at Wasatch Academy, the oldest secondary school in the state of Utah. In addition to writing poetry, Nancy enjoys birding, hiking, camping, raising orchids, and working on the Sustainability Council with students at the Academy.

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