Poem, Poetry

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon

Go Girl

Grandmother croons: plaits dreams
into her lassie’s long, crazed curls.
Out of tune cadences –

carry more than perfect-pitch hits

denoting lack of mercy. Tangled
knots, flawed rhythms accompany
each brush stroke. Her old songs tell

girlhood confers grace
to make mistakes

whilst seeking comfort
in her own worn, Kintsugi wisdom
[seasoned with unconditional love]
when things go wrong.

Go girl. Live
with outrageous courage.
Shake your braids and brave your days.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art.

Ceinwen lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, and writes short stories and poetry. She has been widely published in web magazines and in print anthologies. She graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Newcastle University in 2017. She believes everyone’s voice counts.