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We don’t like to ask, but…

Can you spare £2.00? – we don’t like to ask, but…

The cost of running a quality online webzine is now increasing and as The Poetry Village is run by poets for poets and receives no external funding we now need your help.

We’re so proud of our webzine and our achievements over the last couple of years. Our audience figures are amazing and we’ve been delighted to see so many of our featured poets go on to publish their pamphlets and collections. To be able to continue to offer this unique opportunity for both established and emerging writers we now need your help.

We understand these are tough times and hope that our selection of poems every Monday and Thursday have helped in some small way. If you can donate then we would be eternally grateful – our PayPal button on the right is set to just £2.00 – you can, however, use it as many times as you wish.

Once our costs our covered, any excess funds will assist with developing future projects to promote poetry and poetry events. Thank you you for your support.