Beautiful Creatures, Poem, Poetry

Jane Ayres

when i think of my father i see a kingfisher

a quiet man

you taught me everything you knew about birds
patterns of song/flight/feathers/flutter

seeing what many miss
so when i

spot a jennywren hiding beneath a hedge
hear the boldblackbird’s melody
the taptaptap of a green woodpecker

my heart responds like the tiny heartbeat
of a bird

don’t forget nature can be cruel you said
words translucent angel fish

as we walked together by the sun dappled river
the kaleidoscopic orangeblue flash of a kingfisher
vivid // vibrant skimming the reedy green

now remembering how cancer

your body spilling out from the inside
your words resonate

a quiet man

Based in the UK, Jane Ayres re-discovered poetry studying for a part-time MA in Creative Writing at the University of Kent, which she completed in 2019 at the age of 57. She enjoys Open Mic events, is fascinated by hybrid poetry/prose forms and has been published in Confluence, Postscript, DissonanceThe AgonistLighthouse, Viscaria and recently accepted for The North.