Dipo Baruna-Effi

The Game

Level five is one metre away
I cleave to it, like a baby to its mother

Moments like this are what I dreamt
Years collide and gift themselves as one

Anxiety stabs me from all angles
Eye, neck, thigh, wrist, gut, mind, heart

Isolation sneaks in not long after
Pushing out the fresh air I left the door ajar for

Level three is a warm velvet blanket
God has glued me so I can’t jump down

I attempt to get into the driving seat
It repels me ‘cause we’re both control freaks

Songs of heartbreak and love play
I lip sync with volumes of vim as rare tears flow

You’ll never see me complete this

Dipo Baruwa-Etti is a poet, playwright and filmmaker. As a poet, he has been published in The Good Journal, Ink Sweat & Tears, Amaryllis, and had his work showcased nationwide as part of End Hunger UK’s touring exhibition on food insecurity. Website: dipobaruwaetti.co.uk

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