Green Fields: Ian Humphreys

We hope you’ve enjoyed our special week celebrating Green Fields. Both Nick and David would like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to submit poems. No one could have imagined that the book would be launched into the type of world that we see today and for everyone who has ordered a copy we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our aim has always been to offer free opportunities to writers to submit their work but we can only do this if people buy our books – please share widely and if you have bought a copy and enjoyed it then please shout it from the roof tops (or post something nice of social media).

Tomorrow should have been our very special launch event with Huddersfield Literature Festival. We were delighted to see that the event had almost sold out and, like many, are saddened at the loss of our society as we once knew it. We know, however, that it’s important to keep safe, protect ourselves and look after those more vulnerable.

Love from the Poetry Village.


Return of the discotheque dancers

           Come back, come back—you glistening boys,
you clerks and scholars, farmhands, plumbers,
you make-up artists, money men, you lives

hacked short. You oh-so-very-dazzling, you boho
fops, you preachers, poachers, lovers, sons. My sons.
Years ago we buried you in shame. You bore the guilt

as night closed in. So Many Men, So Little Time,
the chorus rang. When the dry ice lifted
and the spotlight glowered, so many friends were gone.

Rise up! Break free of soil, of stone, of ivy’s snare.
Come chase the hare, the handsome fox. Rattle cages,
shake your bones, come back for one last wicked

whirligig. Imbibe the city—its bars and clubs,
its tribes and scars. Refrains that moved us then will tug
the moon. Shed your shirts, your wounded skin,

shatter the glass dance-floor. Our song’s half-sung
so flex your voices, roar like guns. Tallulah’s waiting!
Devilish nuns are roller-skating!

Come back, come back—you glistening boys.
Let’s march again at Bang, Scandals, Napoleons,
Spats, Subway, Copa’s and Heaven, Heaven, Heaven!




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