Alun Robert

Springtime At Love Lane Allotment

allotment over-loved
verdants through ochres
weeds across paths
deciduous uncoppiced
leaves deep in dank borders
blossom with fragrance
fresh buds screaming spring
above last year’s residue
over-ripe, unpicked
flight of the honey bee, swallows
everything in sight, on site
a legacy of last legumes
of broad beans, haricots
of cabbage and caulie
sprouting from the warmth
arriving in late spring
blistering sheds unpreserved
tales flailing through doors
unhinged by those ancients
supping leaf builders
from oddments of porcelain
two sugars, full-fat milk
a tradition out there
with natter, much chatter
community gardening
mankind at peace
with nature en frolic
two miles from the sea
two light years from traffic chaos
of downtown Rye roads

A Scot of Irish ancestry, Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical free verse achieving success in poetry competitions. His work has been published in British, Irish and American literary magazines, anthologies, ekphrastic responses and the web. He was September 2019 Featured Writer for the Federation of Writers Scotland.