Jason Conway

By My Hands

My heart sunk to see your selfish demise
You were so strong and a century wise
Respected by hidden dwellers and passers by
A stalwart guardian through cycling elements

When the thundering jagged machine came
No one heard your desperate cries for help
Your trunk mercilessly sucked from its foundations
Roots scattered and torn with a heart left rotting

You were laid to rest without a royal burial
A naked king stripped bare of ridged armour
Fingers pulled defenceless branches without remorse
Like bones severed from a feasted carcass

Your clothes squelched into the muddy ground
Green leaves reduced to boot mud brown
Sun drenched golden splendour to clumpy cold soil
Beheaded swiftly by spinning chains of inquisition

No time spared to mourn your fierce passing
Before your splintered ochre limbs crackled
Piled high for stretched palms to soak rising heat
A days toil rewarded from felling your convenience

A boy realises that his friendly giant has fallen
One that he longed and loved to climb for years
Icy prickles stung in ripples across a bare neck at dark
Until a glazed marshmallow washed his guilt away

Goodbye dear friend that graced my feet
And taught me the joys and trials of adventure
To grow tall and strong, to scale great heights
As your lessons fade to the smoked dreams of night.



Jason Conway is a passionate eco-poet, artist and designer based in Stroud, Gloucestershire with a deep connection with nature and uses the pen name of The Ink Warrior. Drawing inspiration from life and the natural world, his mission is to encourage people to make a positive difference.

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