William Doreski


This pale coastline is doomed
by the melting of the icecaps
and subsequent rise of the sea,
which lies paper thin on the crust
of Earth, yet imposes desires
and passions fatal to almost
every mode of innocence.

Imaginary mountains deployed
on the far side of Kanaya
will survive the oncoming flood;
but this entire ash gray plain
will become sea-bottom simple
enough for newly evolving
life forms to negotiate.

Watch the caravan pass over
this shallow river bed, taking
every step for granted, hoping
those mountains that exist
only in the eye of the artist
will shade them and supply cold
fresh spring water, safe to drink.

William Doreski has published three critical studies and several collections of poetry. His poetry, essays, fiction, and reviews have appeared in many print and online journals. He has taught writing and literature at Emerson, Goddard, Boston University, and Keene State College. His most recent books are A Black River, A Dark Fall and Train to Providence.