Brett Evans

Now Gwynus Decorates His Cell Wall Red
Pwllheli, 1963

The door slammed its explosion,
a naked bulb hung like a conviction.
Comfort was sought in graffitied walls –
initials of Saunders Lewis
scribbled from ’36 he liked to think.
Despite an evening in such company,
come morning those walls began
to nudge and jostle, graze and bruise.
And Owain fought back
as Owains do; beat bare walls
‘til raw knuckles birthed dragons
on a Wales that had never boasted
such confined spaces.


Brett Evans, lives, writes, and drinks in his native North Wales. He is co-founder and co-editor of poetry and prose journal Prole. Brett’s two poetry pamphlets, The Devil’s Tattoo (2015) and Sloth and the Art of Self-deprecation (2018) are published by Indigo Dreams.

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