Jim Bennett

the cool air

when breath strained
and came in gasps
the front door was opened
dining chair set in place
and throwing off offers of help
he edged along the hallway
holding onto the wall

it could be day or night
sun moon or street light
when he sat in the doorway
looking out onto the road
across a garden
where five paces
took you to the gate

he offered no reason
for sitting there
perhaps the cool air
was easier to breath
or made him feel alive
like a poem but this was
as close as he could get


Jim Bennett, has written 74 books and numerous chapbooks and pamphlets in a 48 year career as a poet. Jim lives near Liverpool in the UK and tours giving readings of his work throughout the year. He is widely published and has won many competitions and awards for poetry and performance. He runs http://www.poetrykit.org one of the world’s most successful internet sites for poets.