Matthew Walsh


Where have you gone
You screaming wanderer?
For all the summers of my life,
You have briefly brightened the air
With your joyous yelling,
Around the steeple
Between the rooftops
Your dusky sickle darting through the sky
And your never ceasing flight,
An answer to the morning.

Matthew Walsh is a doctor, runner, lover of nature and wild places. Lover of words and music.

2 thoughts on “Matthew Walsh”

  1. Dear Matthew

    The sadness of loss, (where have you gone?) the swift’s connection to time (sickle and summers)
    your intimate connection to the bird (you and my life) , the sense of the heavenly and of place ( steeple and rooftops) enable your seemingly simple poem able to carry the beauty within the sadness. Why are we destroying this wonderful world?

    Thank you.


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    1. Thanks so much for commenting and for liking the poem Sue. It is true that it was written as a lament. But with a memory of joy and with the hope of change.


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