Michael Durack

A Patch of Darkness

Forty paces, give or take, from our front door
to Moroney’s black-and-white TV;
the first ten bathed in kitchen window light,
the final twenty lit by a public lamp
above a crossroads public water pump,
a patch of utter darkness in between.

They say that darkness is mere absence of light,
a gravelled path the same morning as night.
But tell that to the bandits and assassins,
to the sly beasts lurking in the bushes.
Tell it to the boy hotfooting heart-in-mouth
to catch The Fugitive or Arrest and Trial.


Michael Durack lives in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. His work features in journals such as The Blue Nib, Skylight 47, The Stony Thursday Book and Poetry Ireland Review. Publications include a memoir in prose and poems, Saved to Memory: Lost to View (2016) and a poetry collection, Where It Began ( Revival Press 2017.)

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