Edwin Stockdale

Two Hogsheads
Bowyer Tower,18 February 1478

George, Duke of Clarence, peers
from his cell, his skin coarse,
chapped. He knows he won’t see
his daughter: tall, thin,
the angular face of her mother.

His son Edward’s little footsteps stutter
up the spiral staircase.
Sleet falls from the greylag sky.
Swans glide the Thames
white for the House of York.

Leaving the Tower’s carapace
he doesn’t shiver,
places one foot
in front of the other.

The balm of a Malmsey wine
equal to two hogsheads
swallows him,
his cold eyes stinging.


Edwin Stockdale has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham with Distinction.  Two of his pamphlets have been published by Red Squirrel Press: Aventurine (2014) and The Glower of the Sun (2018).  Currently, he is researching a PhD in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University.



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  1. Hello Edwin! What a fine, spare poem — i particularly love ‘greylag sky’. Hope all’s well with you.


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