Jack e Lorts

Ephram Pratt Is Informed of Melodic Words

Celebratory as a
sparrow swallowing ink

scratched from the pen
of a silver poet

moving through
dying trees at dusk,

he finds fellow-travelers
wooing the spiders

and salamanders
inching their way

through the ether,
climbing trees of dust

and singing in
silent voices

heard only because
of the melodic

words tendered by
licentious artisans

practicing their arts
and showing their wares

in total abandon
of the virtue of invisibility.


Ephram Pratt Seeks an Invisible Door in the Sky

Frigid and living
in a bubble,

the voices he hears
are in shades of gray,

glossing over
his inconsolable

turgid nerve ending,
growing out of

belated seeds and bulbs,
gone before

his illusory targets
are taken from

the invisible door
he sees in the sky.

Build on the passing
dreams he

sketches in the air,
the ones he howls

and cries aloud for,
draining the emotions

from the illusory odor
he remembers so fondly.


Ephram Pratt Explores Imaginary Creatures

Spells assumed by
frozen bell jars,

taken in token silence
from sagely decorated

vibrations of cold fingers,
worn and radicalized

by too soft cream

Forge his hands and feet,
forward like

licorice awnings
veiled in silence,

by training wheels
hidden under

the soft fur of
an organdy intellect,

sewn into the backdrop
by a virgin seamstress

locked in combat
with dreams of

fairies and elves,
gnomes and brownies,

framed in secret
by wallowing urchins.


Jack e Lorts, a retired educator, lives in a small town in eastern Oregon. His “Ephram Pratt” poems appear widely online. Author of three other chapbooks, his collection “The Love Songs of Ephram Pratt” has appeared recently from Uttered Chaos Press.