J. S. Watts

Looking For New Words

I am looking for new words,
words that do not drag their bags behind them,
do not walk in the footsteps of their own echoes.
I want words that set themselves alight,
scattering each and all they contain
to the circling winds of memory.
Words as fierce as fire-dyed chrysanthemums,
as strong as drums.

We are searching for new words,
words of truth and resonance,
putting others first and themselves after.
We are tired of words so spun and moulded
they split on politicians’ tongues,
equivocating with themselves in the delivery.
Words as fresh as fragile daisies,
as compelling as drums.

This world needs brave new words,
words of hope and promise,
offering refuge and compassion,
the soft rising light of humanity.
Why condone words barring the way,
proffering hard silence instead of welcome,
speech spitting torn petals of poppy and marigold
like the driving drum beats of war?


J.S.Watts is a poet and novelist. Her books include: poetry –  “Cats and Other Myths”, “ Years Ago You Coloured Me”, “Songs of Steelyard Sue” and “The Submerged Sea”, and novels – “A Darker Moon” and “Witchlight”. Her new novel, “Old Light” is due out in 2019.

Website:  http://www.jswatts.co.uk/  Facebookwww.facebook.com/J.S.Watts.page

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