Karen Dennison

Little Compton

I’ll stash the old cassette, that soundtrack you made me,
in my heart. I’ll rest my heart on the bench
of stone in the terracotta chapel where we sat
in its circular silence, read about a monument to love.

I’ll shrink the chapel down
so it fits on my palm, tie it to a rock, row a boat
out to the Surrey lake. As I reach out, offer the chapel
to its waters, its skin will shudder and break, then heal

the wound it makes. The little chapel will sink
to its bed and years of lake will rock my heart
to sleep and my heart will dream of your music,
unspooling from its tape.

Karen Dennison won the Indigo Dreams Collection Competition in 2011 resulting in the publication in 2012 of her first collection Counting Rain. Her second collection, The Paper House, was published by Hedgehog Poetry Press in Spring 2019. Karen is co-editor of Against the Grain Poetry Press.

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