M. E. Muir


Listen to science talking

excitable helium
inhabits this exo-planet

meta-analyses do not prove nothing
and nothing is never zero

identity waits floating
on a string held by a little girl
who runs ahead of us

she is looking for recognition
in far-off space

exo-planets transit Nasa’s K2
trying to tell us who we are

the red balloon carries her further
into our own identity over borders
where our envy builds

we trip up    running to catch her
wondering who on earth we are

I stretch for the balloon
but the string escapes me

I only want to be her


M. E. Muir is a Scot now living in London, former teacher and business consultant, some of whose work has recently been published in Dawntreader, Carillon, Morphrog, The Curlew and The London Grip.


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