Sam Payne

The Skeleton Family at Ancient Kourion

They were found like this.
As if they lay down to sleep

their bones interlaced
as if dreams could erase centuries.

His skull is broken, his pelvis
smashed, his ribs misshapen

and snapped, but his left humerus
and femur still lie over her.

She still has all her teeth
and keeps the infant tucked

under her ribs. In place
of her heart.

The tip of her nose touches
the tiny skull.

Little bone fingers grip
her elbow.

In life, the early sunlight bathed
their room.

The father wore a ring inscribed
with the first two letters of Christ.

The mother wore a silver pin in her hair.
The baby’s teeth were still coming through.



Sam Payne is a writer living in Devon. She is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing with Teesside University through their distance learning programme. Her poems have appeared in several places online including, Ink, Sweat and Tears and The Open Mouse.

You can find Sam on Twitter at @skpaynewriting.